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Valkommen till Nelson's Speceriaffar otherwise known as Nelson's Food Pride -- four generations of keeping Swedish traditions alive. We offer a large variety of Swedish food specializing in homemade Swedish Potato Sausage, Ostakaka and Swedish Rye Bread. These recipes have been handed down generation to generation.

We would like to give our customers the ability to keep Swedish traditions alive in your families by offering everything you need for a full Swedish Smorgasbord. Your choices range from the main course through the dessert.

Nelson's Food Pride has a full deli menu featuring Broasted chicken or Hunt Bros. pizza. We usually have something delicious cooking for a daily special such as pulled pork, cavatini, grilled paninis, Mexican food, homemade hot beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes with homemade beef gravy and many other recipes too numerous to list. Give us a call to see what is cooking for the day or request something for your special party.

We also cater weddings and wedding rehearsal suppers, graduations or any other special event you might be hosting. We also have a wedding bar service from which we supply everything you will need, including a beautiful built bar.

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Article about Nelson's Food Pride!

Nebraska is a state whose majorities of grocery stores are independently owned. Independents drive the industry, from large multiple store companies to single storeowners. Each has found their niche and excels in a variety of areas, depending upon consumer needs.

Julie Johnson, owner of Nelsonís Food Pride in Oakland, Nebraska, is the 3rd generation to operate the store. Oakland has about 1400 people within the community and the store draws customers from 30 miles. Julie purchased the business from her father in 1989 and has worked diligently to serve the customers within her community. Nelsonís Food Pride celebrated 100 years of their family owned business in 2010.

When asked what makes her business unique Julie mentioned the fact that they specialize in Swedish items. She set up a web site at, and as a result has shipped Swedish foods across the United States. Owners and employees try to make the store a fun place to shop. Employees are very friendly and helpful. They also give customers what they want and need, to keep them shopping at home. They try to make the store the customerís personal store that will bring them back day after day. Julie mentioned that her Dad was her mentor. He taught her to work hard and always put back into the business. In return, it will give back to you. Her husband, Terry, also taught her not to focus on the income of the business, but focus on the success and your reward will be success.

Of all her accomplishments, she is most proud of the fact that she has added 2500 square foot to the store, increased her volume, and has developed a web site, which is continuing to grow. She truly loves her business and everyday is a new day full of adventure. One thing about the grocery business, according to Julie, is that every day is different and challenging. Nelson's Food Pride hosts an annual Christmas wine and cheese open house every year. Many people attend to enjoy the festivities of the Christmas Season.

This year we have added so many more specialties imported from Swedish to enhance our large arrangement of Swedish foods. We have added 2 more varieties of cheeses, many varieties of cookies in decorative tins and the most different item for us was adding Fishballs. Give them a try....It's always fun to broaden our taste buds with interesting foods.

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